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Torque arms

Our torque arms are primarily used as handling aids for torque and angle controlled tools as well as for reaction intensive operations such as Drilling, countersinking and tapping. They allow the user an ergonomic workflow, as the torque and weight of the tool are intercepted and the torque is transmitted lossless on the screw. This enables a clean positioning, which significantly contributes to quality assurance.

The main components were designed in an industry-ready, distinctive design. The torque range of our torque arms ranges from 10 Nm to 1000 Nm and is covered by seven models.


For the maximum torque of 10 Nm. With balancer.

TA40, 80 and 150

For the maximum torque of 40/80/150 Nm. With cable balancer.

TA300, 500 and 1000

For the maximum torque of 300/500/1000 Nm. With cable balancer.

Torque Arms - Datasheet
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